World Interfaith Harmony Week 2023 - Day 3 - Universal Healing: Awakening the Heart of Humanity

Day 3 – Solar Chakra with Jamal Rahman – Sufi Traditions

Delving deeper into our emotions of joy and sorrows

The third Chakra is the seat of our emotions. This Chakra can easily become congested and clenched because we tend to avoid and deny our difficult feelings. The abandoned feelings end up knotted and twisted in the area just above our navel- the third Chakra.

Through a Sufi practice called “Sacred Holding,” we shall aspire, with mercy and gentleness, to acknowledge, heal and integrate the painful feelings. A transformation might occur: anger transmutes into inner vigor, fear into mindfulness, sadness into empathy.

We shall also explore the role of playfulness and laughter to soften the sharp edges of our wounded feelings.

Don´t worry if you miss any of the sessions, we´ll send you a recording at the end of the 7 days.



February 3rd, 2023 from  9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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